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Steel Battalion: LOC


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Seeing as Game have shipped their preorders for delivery today (mine has just arrived), I reckon we should be able to get some RLLMUK VT action going tonight. So who here has got the game is is up for it tonight then?

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yea, its fucking bizarre -- even the missus said how bad it was when i was playing you guys, yet i jumped straight into a mixed JPN/US game and it worked fine! i didn't try hosting you guys though, maybe try again on thursday/friday. strangest of all, i couldn't join a few of your sessions, kamatari... damn frustrating.

layte100 kicked my arse for a while there too, that appear to work fine... still trying to find my feet tbh, it plays a tad differently to the original game. far more physical parameters involved, like the way the mechs move. still caught a few, higher ranked people by surprise with my lowly Vortex in the campaign mode.

n00b hints -- buy as many VTs as you can, before trying campaign 'cos you'll need them. DO NOT rely on a single VT to play with because you will lose it and then you'll get marked for a mission failure, if you survive. you need supply VTs to respawn.

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sigh.. I ordered mine from HMV online.. and they haven't received it yet from Capcom. Simply cannot wait to get stuck into this game, although the lag and connection failures our US counterparts have been experiencing rather concern me :D

Could anyone post some impressions of the game please :(

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