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Light Gun Games

Caleb Newcastle

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They also do one for the XBOX too.  Not only that but YOU HAVE TO ASSEMBLE IT, AND ITS THE SIZE OF A FUCKING ASSAULT RIFLE!!!

T'is cool.  I want one.  £40 tho....

That's because it's for Silent scope.I think it looks great and i really want one, There's no way i'd buy it though as i'd use it twice then get bored.My room is too small anyway.


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So, HOTD3 uses a shotgun peripheral, is this due to the gameplay mechanic? Quite like the sound of that, would make a nice change from the usual six shot rapid fire. Also, where can you get these shotguns?

I too like gun games, but I'm not great at them. Got VC and VC2 on the Saturn, HOTD2 and Confidential Mission on DC. Quite fancy a Point Blank.. Hmmm, more expense.

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However what I don't understand is why. Silent Scope isn't a light gun game. Well at least it wasn't...

Because it's much easier to make it a lightgun game than to come up with some brand new fancy pants movement-tracking plinth-with-a-gun-on-top which wouldn't get used for anything else? Although it might pave the way for conversions of things like LA Machineguns.

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La machineguns and the NY Blade one, were fab, but only if each copy of the game comes with a whole base unit and ultra rumble guns fixed to a permenent stand, playing it without the rumble or the bass just makes it a bit dull.

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Point Blank is seriously the best light gun game ever. The NTSC conversion is perfect and both itterations of the Namco lightgun are without question ultra accurate. Point Blank out Warios Wario Ware, with guns, before the title was even a glint in a Nintendo designers eye.

All that, plus: I'd kick all your asses at it.

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