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BBC Nintendo documentary broadcast date


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Yes, no broadcastable material. A waste of time.

I completely agree with you, Astilius, you smart boy.

I totally agree with you as well. It was awful. I have wasted an hour of my life. Rest assured I logged straight on to the Internet to register my disgust.


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It never ceases to amaze me that when a video-game related TV show is on, a core element of forumites cannot resist posting DURING the broadcast! Can you not wait until it's over before giving an informed critique? :)

The only thing I got out of the show was that Nintendo desperately need to go shopping at Ikea. Where the fuck was the furniture or decoration in that building?


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Oh my lord...that was quite honestly the worst piece of sub tabloid rubbish I have seen in a long time.

Ridiculous long air time on an ancient game problem that has an obscure US court case still running? Check

Portraying gamers as blithering idiots (see Myiamato shrine bloke on SMB2/Doki Doki Panic...for heavens sake you know exactly why they did it so why ask a dumb question).

And what was the woman's obsession with Yammamoto? He's a businessman...not a nice person. Get over it!

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Dull, uninformed, poorly devised, rubbish questions, biased in the fact it's trying to dig up dirt that is not Nintendo specific (probably because they knew they had no real material).

A waste of time.

That's a wee bit harsh I reckon. I was very impressed by the programme and really enjoyed. Nice location shooting new and fairly interesting interviews with the former heads of NOA were very good and although it really didn't teach me anything new I found it very enjoyable to watch. The stuff on the ongoing battles for epilepsy was something I was not aware of too.

It could have been better but it really wasn't aimed at us, it was aimed at people who were not already familar with Nintendo. but I found it quite interesting and there are certainly worse ways to waste an hour. It could have been much worse.

A few points though:

It really did not uncover much about Nintendo's futunes apart from that fact it makes a lot of money. Could have been more specific about where this money comes from, past profitibility and how the business is fairing at the moment.

Seemed to take way too much from Game Over too the point it felt like they were just shooting a tv version of the book.

More analsys of Nintendo's consoles and thier relative succeses would havebeen nice things like the Gameboy and Virtual boy were never mentioned even though they are the two products that nintendo have made of which one was a complete failure and one was a global success. Apararetly it was worth noting that the Gamecube sells less than the PS2 but not worth mentioning the GB :)

I was fully expecting to see rare mentioned during the documentary as that was perhaps the last biggest peice of Nintendo Business news.

Could have investigated more into actual video game sales and the percived decline of some of Nintendo icons like Mario. Basically it was a programme made for casual viewers so many of the points we would have been interested in been debated were simply left by the way side.

Basically I would have loved to have seen a programme aimed at people like us that really dug dig into what makes Nintendo tick and it's history but for a show aimed at non-informed public it was very good.

But still, nice programme which cast some interesting light on Nintendo and quite well made.

I really liked it. Could have been better but could have been much worse.

An additional question has there yet been an outrages futune programme on Microsoft, that would be interesting to watch.

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Portraying gamers as blithering idiots (see Myiamato shrine bloke on SMB2/Doki Doki Panic...for heavens sake you know exactly why they did it so why ask a dumb question).

If he looked like an idiot, he did it all by himself.

"I've got the chance of a lifetime! to ask miyamoto any question at all! I know, I'll question him about a game that's over TEN YEARS OLD!"


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