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r-type final pal

Lasers are brilliant

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Depending on which bit of the level two boss you shoot first (or last, or something), you get a different version of level two, with a different amount of water present (from total drought, to completely underwater). IIRC, there are four variations, based on which of the little red or blue stalks on the boss you shoot first. Or maybe last. GameFAQs will know.

Some of the variations do seem a little bit easier but the main difference you'll find is which Force you're using. The one that moves around the screen shooting things on its own and the one that spins round sending shots in every direction are easiest, since you can hide in the bottom left corner, send the Force under the boss to shoot a glowy bobble, then retrieve it in time to kill the shooty stalks before they kill you. If your Force can't shoot towards the left-hand side of the screen, you'll need to either attach it to the back of your ship and fly under the boss (tricky) or retrieve the Force such that it rams the glowy bobble (easy, but it might get stuck and then you'll have to go and get it, which is tricky).

Also, try to hit the easy to get at glowy bobbles (the ones on the left-hand side of the boss) with a charged up shot. They retract before you can do much damage otherwise. You can kill it on Human difficulty with two or three charged shots and not have to worry about right-hand side bobbles at all, if you're lucky.

Cheers for that.

I was starting to think I'd gone mad, imagining levels and what not.

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