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When Halo2 arrives will you...


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Won't that, well, suck? Seeing as snipers were little else than annoying in the TimeSplitters games and blissfully absent (except as bosses) from almost every other gam, ever?

It's not a big deal providing it's obvious where they're sniping from. Losing half your energy bar before you can pinpoint the source of the incoming fire ain't no fun at all (quite why Free Radical thought it would be beggars belief).

I think Bungie will be good enough to include a visual pointer of some description - something along the lines of the human sniper rifle's big fat vapour trail.

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snipes while annoying provide for a lot of tension in FPS like in MOH on the pc. i mean when we get to snipe em its only fair they get a chance. im sure it will lead to devious sniper avoiding tactics....

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Hmm...Convenant weapons tend to fire plasma, which travels relatively slowly at long distance. It would be interesting to see how a convenant sniper rifle turned out. Or maybe they finally figured out how to use human weapons.

Also, are their any 'devious sniper avoiding tactics'? If you don't know where they are, you're screwed. I despised that sniper level in MOH: AA.

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XboxWorld magazine, latest issue page 31.

Just as the Chief has powered-up from the first game, so have the Conevant. This pair (pictures of two Elites) of Elite have sniper rifles to hand (although close inspection of one of the pics, the gun doesn't look like a sniper rifle at all). These were dropped from the original game, but this time, with the huge areas and to counteract the Chief's very own rifle, they're packing some considerable heat. Of course, once they're felled you can expect to be able to pick them up for own needs.


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Also, are their any 'devious sniper avoiding tactics'?  If you don't know where they are, you're screwed.  I despised that sniper level in MOH: AA.

i mean as in a snipe is usually immobile (ie camper) and the time it takes to zoom in, zoom out they can lose sight of a normal player on foot who can grenade/ambush em quite easily if sneaky enough.

Also snipes are childs play if youre cloaked.

EDIT: Argh forgot we're talking about AI here.

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what the hell did you want? a fucking gundamn wing?


Wing sucked donkey cock in terms of mechanical design, although Katoki was roped in on it. That being said, Katoki is the don of gritty mechanical design (as was scarily proved in Gundam Sentinel). To kinda get a feel of what the hell I am talking about, have a look see...


MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam

(done for the Master Grade kit manual)


MSA-011Ex Ex-S Gundam

(from Gundam Sentinel his debut work back in 1988)


RX-78 GP-03 Dendobrium (Stamen and Orchis)

(from the latter half of Mobile Suit Gundam: 0083 Stardust Memories)

Now a Katoki designed Master Chief? That would seriously fucking rock!

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