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double dragon 3 mastertronics


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Full title Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone

Year of release 1991

Publisher Storm Software (UK)

Producer/Author(s) Sales Curve Ltd (Tom Prosser, Shaun McClure)

Tie-in licence American Technos (USA) (arcade coin-op)

Machine type ZX Spectrum 128K

Number of players 1

Controls Kempston, Interface II, Cursor, Redefineable keys

Type Arcade: Beat-em-up

Message language English

Original price £11.99

Availability Available as both Perfect TZX and non-TZX

Protection scheme SpeedLock 7

Additional info A demo version appeared on side A of covertape Crash issue 96: Presents 32 (Crash)

A demo version appeared on side A of covertape MicroHobby issue 215: Tape 45 (MicroHobby)

A demo version appeared on side A of covertape YS issue 74: Magnificent Seven (Your Sinclair)

The Your Sinclair review says it's 2 players, so I don't know if WOS is incorrect or if YS had a pre-release version and the 2 player mode was removed.

I've not found any mention of a budget release.

Hope this helps,


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The pic in gamesTM is the C64 version tho!

But yes it was published by Mastertronic

Storm Software released the C64 version too! Plus the Spectrum version did have a 2 player mode. Mastertronic/Virgin only published the first two games.

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