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Pillage US release moved to 22nd April

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I agree that they should send out copies to the respective team but a boycott could hurt the rep of John and Ste more than the lack of a free retail version or two. A strong seller is surely good for their rep. I've said before, it deserves to sell well anyway but at that price it should be a given.

Yeah, I wasn't serious but I find the idea of having to buy your own game morally repugnant. I mean, it's like having to buy tickets to your own movie premiere.

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I think John said the Zed1 was the original studio that ended up getting bought by Rare or whatever they used to be called.

Correct me if I'm wrong, Rllmuk'ers.

I believe their original studio was called "Zippo Games". It starts with a "Z" you see.

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Tell em if they don't send you and the other ex-Zed2'ers a copy each, the entire Rllmuk forum will boycott, thus costing them more (and some bad publicity).

Nah, I think we should boycott all of Warthogs' other games instead.


Oh, I forgot, we do that already don't we.

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Surely you would be quite justified in downloading it when it inevitably turns up on suprnova?

perhaps all of us should download it and send you some money?

I suppose so but I want copies as a memento not just to play it.

perhaps all of us should download it and send you some money

I'd rather the game actually sold well.

Although I am actually looking forward to playing through the game again. One of the programmers was raving about the second play through the other day (once you complete the game you can play it again only with different rules) so I'm keen to try that.

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LOS ANGELES, CA - April 22, 2004 -Crave Entertainment, a leading publisher of console videogames, today announced that Future Tactics: The Uprising has reached gold master status for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, the Xbox® video game system from Microsoft and Nintendo GameCube™.

Packed with action, Future Tactics is a turn-based tactical RPG that looks and feels like an action/platform game. Built around a highly complex turn-based battle engine, the adventure showcases a single-player Story Mode, as well as a two-player Battle Mode. The plot is set in the not too distant future, when Earth as we know it has succumbed to a race of extra-dimensional creatures. Now the final hope for restoring order to the planet rests on the shoulders of a young boy, his sister and a rag-tag assembly of unlikely warriors.

Future Tactics: The Uprising features:

· 18 stylized and high-polygon characters interacting in rich, full 3D environments

· Unique, number-free turn-based tactical combat system designed to keep players immersed in the action, not the stats

· 19 action-packed, highly intense levels waiting to be conquered · Massively deformable terrain. Landscape can be permanently destroyed, leaving behind craters and canyons.

· Compelling storyline told through fully animated and voiced cut scenes

· Two-player customizable battle mode lets gamers tweak handicaps, power-ups and victory conditions

· Experience point system allows custom building of team members, allocating upgrades as players see fit

· Boot Camp tutorial mode allows novice players to learn good tactics right away

Scheduled for release in Q2 2004, Future Tactics: The Uprising will be available for the Xbox, Nintendo GameCubeä and the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system.

About Crave Entertainment:

Based in Los Angeles, California, Crave Entertainment is a privately held publisher of videogame entertainment products. Crave produces games for the major console platforms including Game Boy® Advance, Nintendo GameCube™, the PlayStation® game console, PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, the Xbox® video game system from Microsoft, and for the PC. For more information about Crave Entertainment, please visit http://www.cravegames.com.

About Xbox

Xbox () is the video game system from Microsoft that brings people together for the most exhilarating game and entertainment experiences. Xbox delivers an expansive collection of breakthrough games, powerful hardware and the unified Xbox Live online service. The new tagline, "it's good to play together," captures the spirit of Xbox as the social hub of the new digital entertainment lifestyle. Xbox is now available in North America, Asia, Europe and Australia.

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GAME's website now has the PAL XBox and GC versions of Pillage (Not Future Tactics) for preorder - £29.99. Due on 25th of June.

Play also has it (£32.99), but apparently it's 'Not Currently Available.'

So we get the game full price then? :lol: Good job I've preordered the American GC version for £14. :lol:

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The review seems mostly fair - although I obviously don't agree with the score. It seems the 'simplicity' is going to count against us. The game IS very simple - and deliberately so. It's also a lot of fun.

I can atest to it being fun. I enjoyed playing it very much while i was at the Manchester meet.

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For £15 (ish), simplicity isn't going to be a problem.

I've ordered 2 copies from tronixweb, for the cube, at a grand teeny total of just under $40 US. That's under 12 quid per copy, I think.

I really tried to acquire a finished version for the Xbox to take to the Bath meet but my friend who deals in such things reckons tomorrow night is the best he can do. It was going to be my attempt to bring it to a wider forum audience and no, no one was going to get a 'sample'.

EDIT: The cube version has gone up by $2 at Tronix since I ordered, it's still less than $18 though.

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Difficulty level:Easy. Unchallenging. But sometimes you need to do the levels several times in order to level up? I think she's missing the point.

Not read the review, yet, but if what you quote is true, she most certainly has. I can't wait for my cube version to arrive.

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