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Which company makes the best game covers?


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Square's Final Fantasy Jap/Europe boxarts are the best - the instantly recognisable font with the ever pleasing Amano artwork really sets them apart from the usual gash rubbish. Consider;






In the world of videogame concept art, Amano is in a league of his own.

Konami efforts are usually of a high standard too.

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The post stated that "ICO's cover sure has drawn inspiration from the right place.", showing one of the two pictures by the same artist which lead to the Ico PAL artwork.

Hence yes, the comment about the hoop was totally irrelevant.

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The painting with the wheel girl is actually done by this very well known artist. I forget is name, not Canaletto, but similar, well, whatever. He's in any list you'd care to mention of artists who deal primarily with light, along with the formentioned Canaletto and good old Scarlett Johansen fucking Vermeer.

Giorgio de Chirico

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