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Consolevania 2 Is Ready


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Not watched it yet. (need to ftp it to my XBox first, and that's tied up playing the last couple of episodes of Alias Season 2: there's some big cliffhangars getting resolved). But I'm keen to help spread it to the masses ASAP. Thanks for the CD biglime.

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OK. I've been busy. I've rarred the original 498MB files into 46x10MB rar files. I'm now uploading them to tyagi. What with my narrow pipe and all at 12K/s it will take a good 8 hours for them all to arrive. I'll construct par2 files shortly.

Now. DivX. I've downloaded a 15day trial of DrDivX and produced a 200MB DivX file on the default settings. That took about an hour to create. However, when I play it back in the default player or in WMP, the sound is buggered. I get a high pitched squealing, like a tape recorder on ultra fast forward for a few seconds and the rest is silence. I'll have another try shortly, but if anyone can suggest where that went wrong I'd be grateful.

If the second try is successful, once that is split up into rar files we can decide whether it's worth stopping the big file upload to get the smaller file to you all ASAP.



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OK, the MPEG torrent is up and running.


It is linked from the download page at http://www.tyagi.org.uk

This torrent may take a while to get up to speed - we currently have two seed that are on slightly bandwidth-limited links, so until the torrent process gets a good ditribution of data, things may not be as quick as we'd all like. However, after a couple of hours things should be motoring.

As soon as I've got a copy on a local machine, I'll produce some smaller DivX files. The MPEG is 486MB.

If anyone is able to put a semi-permanent seed in place, please PM me and I can arrange alternative modes of access. A semi-permanent seed is not "I can leave my computer on overnight at the weekend and a couple of evenings this week", it is a seed that will be online 24/7 for at least several days, ideally a few weeks.

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I would need to read some of the Torrent papers, but the way I understand it is this.

Basically, all clients communicate with the tracker. Clients do not all start at the beginning of the file and work towards the end for their download. They are allotted chunks of the file from the seeds which do not overlap. This means that all clients will ideally be downloading different chunks of the file from the seeds and then also "swapping" these chunks between themselves. This takes the load off the seeds but is also why people will see high rates of data going out from their clients even though they've not completed an entire download themselves.

This is why I mentioned that after a few hours of people joining the torrent, things will speed up significantly.

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Basically, just leave your torrent client running.

If you notice, while you're downloading, you see an "upload" and "download" rate in kb/s. Even once you've finished downloading, your "download" rate will drop to zero (you've finished downloading) but you will continue to "upload". This is called "seeding" - i.e. you've got a full copy of the torrent and you can therefore become a seed (or source) for others who have partial downloads.

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How can you get 180kb?I thought mine had picked up, It's going at 25kb now.

This high speed was for the start and the widely available pieces it seems, my download has now settled to 25/40 kb/s. I have massive upload so I tend to get favoured by most bittorrent clients.

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