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Just been watching a new Netflix series called Vampire in the Garden. It's actually pretty good. Visually great, and only five episodes long so not a bad way to spend an evening. I'm not sure it's ultimately really about anything, but was diverting enough.

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Everyone should watch Ya Boy Kongming!


It’s about a Chinese general who is reincarnated in modern Japan and becomes the manager of a club singer, using his Military strategies as her manager and it’s just fantastic.

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Shield Hero was one of my fav series after the first season aired and I was so excited when they announced another season but man it's been a struggle to get through. I read the manga several years ago so had an idea about how poor the turttle section would be but eesh it was a rough ride. Even the author said its not a very good arc and by episode 5 i was close to dropping the whole show. Luckily I pressed on as once they cleared that gumf it's just got so much better each week. Last nights ep was a bit of a tear jerker at tne end and I'm well on for more eps. Just a shame its finishing at 12 when there's loads of the story to cover.


Been a bit of a down season but one show that's really stood out to me is Trapped in a Dating Sim. Typical Isekai but this time the guy is just a side character and is a complete knob to the main protagonists as he hates them with a passion. Hilarious some of the dirty tricks he plays on them and its fast become my fav show this season.

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