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Stereophonics - Why do people hate them


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although i bet the people who are hating the stereophonics and seem to be labelling them as bland radio 2 music for office parties listen to some real shit that we wouldn't touch with a million foot barge pole.

i reckon at least one of them will like quality acts like 50 cent, Scooter or even the Fast Food Rockers.

The Wildhearts piss all over them from a 747. There's how to write a melodic, catchy tune, not some washed out shit that 40 year olds buy along with their Blue Harbour M&S shirts as they frantically try to re-capture their youth before they go past 50.

Was that a bit much? I could sum it up like this though: Gaaaaaaaay.

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The fact that everyone supporting the Stereophonics here isn't in the demographic you describe renders most of your witless replies rather redundant.


Riiight. Except for the 'they are just shit' ones. I don't care what demographic they are shooting for, they still suck. Badly.

Average no talent arseholes, and the more this thread goes on the more I realise I truly fucking hate them. More than anyone.

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