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'Feel-good' songs

Yobo Ahoy

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See, I don't go in for all this depressing gobshite. As far as I'm concerned, songs should enlighten you; cheer you up. Make you forget your (no matter how insignificant) problems, temporarily at least.


Hmm. This is the sort of grinning wreck I turn into after listening to 'Summer Breeze' by the Isley Brothers. It's just the best song, ever. It makes me want to open every window in the house and turn the volume up to maximum and loaf about in the garden with a bottle of Corona.

Phew. Now that's out of the way, any other nominations? R Kelly's 'Step In The Name Of Love' is quite nice too, in a cheesy sort of way.

(I realise this won't hold much sway with you lot and your 'sophisticated' Radiohead and the like, but one reply will do. Just one?)

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Well this is rather good timing, as I've put my 'Daydreaming' compilation on (with added topless girl tape sleeve designed by me :D )

First 6 tracks are perfect:

The Beach Boys 'Good Vibrations'

Massive Attack 'Daydreaming'

Primal Scream 'Inner Flight'

Primal Scream 'Don't Fight it, Feel it'

The Beach Boys 'All Summer Long'

Oasis 'Let's all make believe'

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Ramones - I love her so, Rockaway Beach, Do you wanna dance

Andrew WK - Victory Strikes Again, The Song

also, any half decent surf instrumentals from the 60s, don't know why but they always make me grin. ;)

EDIT: Argh! How could I forget: Andrew WK - I love New York City!

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