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Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed


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now before you prepare your witty replies about how it's Shitty Doo or Scooby Poop and then go on to moan about it being a heartless CG hollywood shitefest i want you to take a deep breath and then piss off.

So i'd seen Shaun on saturday and wanted a mid week movie and as i loved the original Scooby flick i couldn't wait to see this.

The titles sequence is perhaps one of the best i've seen in a hollywood flick in a long time and i knew the movie was going to be ace from then on. It's a shame that for the first 15 mins it was a bit too slow and it didn't live up to the titles.

However from there on in it really picked up but there was less jokes for adults this time round which was really dissapointing, although i did enjoy Shaggy's "like they're totally having a montage without us Scoob"

It was the dialogue jokes that were the best in this flick, although i'll need to see the DVD to see if i get Thelma's joke as i couldn't quite follow the science speak in one quick run through.

As for the CG shitefest part will i think everyone is wrong on this account. The CG is bloody ace and it really looks like the cartoon should on the big screen, especially the dance scene in the Faux Ghost.

I wish there was a real Cotton Candy Glob.

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I thought this was ace, I loved the first and I thought this was virtually on par, better in sonme ways, not so good in others.

Take off your pretentious hat, and so see it, just lots of fun.


The CG was ace, had a nice mix of looking 'realistic', but very cartoony at the same time. The Knight guy, The 10,000 Volt Monster... they all looked good. The sequence with the two eyeball-thing going down the hill was good.

I loved the bit with the 'potions', just great. And the "Halleluiah" when the Cotton Candy Glob arrived. :D

Also, the ending with Scooby was great, predictable and cliche, but so much fun. When he was doing his thing with the extinguisher, and the theme kicked in, I was just grinning like a kid.


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Really well i'm 21 and i loved it, especailly as it remains true to the episodes and is one great big who dunnit.

I agree with Farsight about the final Doo battle, i was grinning like a child who'd been given the keys to a candy store. pure enjoyment porn.

Also Student Eye Contact it's not really as self-concious as the first one and this seems more like a proper movie of the cartoon, although the first one was far more enjoyable just because it did take the piss a bit. Oh and Scrappy Doo in that was a God, i hope he breaks out for the 3rd film.

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