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Rare Games Of This Generation?


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The fact that you can't find a particular game released several months ago in a shop, doesn't make it rare. Game shops don't clutter their shelves up with old games, they just tend to stock newer titles, surely?

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Ninja Cop on the GBA.

It's a fantastic game (one of the GBA must-haves IMHO) and Konami only produced (I'd estimate) 20 copies. I just managed to pick a copy up for a friend during a weekend break in Salzburg... that's only the 2nd copy I've ever seen. It took me months of trawling the used GBA buckets in GAME to find mine (and that's not fun... there's only so many creased Spyro boxes you can look at in a lifetime).

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How very un-Mark of you.

It's my little (hopeful) nest egg. I have no idea if it's worth anything seeing as it's a curio rather than a useable game but the whole Tekki thing and the retail box and the unopenedness and the 200 of them and the mentalness of robot fans makes me think it's probably worth a bob or two. Must be the rarest Xbox game in existence. Well, might be, I don't really have a fucking clue.

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Those GBA CastleVania games. Buggered if Ive ever found them when I hd some money :/

Well, Circle of the Moon (the first one) is relatively commonplace, but Harmony of Dissonance is trickier and trickier to find, and Aria of Sorrow was like gold dust mere weeks after release.

Who's got all three boxed (and Gradius Advance) in good condition, with all inserts, well-played but respected?


Who's parting with them?


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That new tomato game for the PS2 must be a prime contender, surely?

wordimagesoundplay? has anyone got this? im still waiting for it to turn up from ncsx. Sounds pretty interesting from what ive read about it.

Also Klonoa 2 which I now want

Klonoa 2 isnt really rare, there are always sealed copies on ebay for between £10-£15.

ESPN Intenational Track & Field

Ace Combat 4

Dark Cloud


Polaroid Pete

Ghost Vibration

Those seem the rarest pal ps2 games. They're hard to find new copies both in the shops and on ebay. + there doesn't seem to be many second hand copies around.

Moto Gp 3 seems to fetch the highest price of the pal ps2 games on ebay though.

There dont seem to be many new copies of Metal Gear Solid: Substance about either.

The ps2 games below will probably become harder to get hold in future:

Castlevania, Clock Tower 3, Broken Sword 3, Glass Rose, SOS Final Escape, Everblue 1+2, Koei's stretegy games

On import stuff like the psyvariar sound/capture box editions

Gamecube - winning eleven 6:fe + Cubivore, Biohazard boxset

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Most "rare" games of this generation can be had with a little persistence. I am certain that the availability is something to do with the territory you're in. For example, I can't find the PS2 Gundam: Fed. Vs. Zeon round here but I bet there are thousands of copies for sale in game shops in Birmingham or something.

I haven't heard of some of games mentioned but Dark Cloud is knocking around albeit infrequently and Ace Combat 4 can be had directly from Sony for £37 and it's currently in stock.

In fact, I'm led to believe there's not much stuff that actually is that rare. Panzer Dragoon Saga* can usually be had on ebay on a week by week basis assuming you're willing to pay the asking price. The only 2 games I own which I don't see for sale much of are Evolution 2 (DC) and Cotton (NGPC) but I still don't believe either are rare (indeed the former is rubbish of the highest order)

*There are 11 copies currently available to the UK

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Rez and Ico are pretty rare.

I was very surprised to see that both could be picked up for 10 quid before they totally vanished from the stores.

They're both £20 brand new in the shop round the corner. And in the shops up the road here. This goes back to what I was saying about availability in different territories.

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