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Games you're looking forward to this year?


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hey, they're just what I'm mainly looking forward too! there's a few others, like Rome Total War, and maybe a couple of Gamecube games? I dunno really, I haven't really been looking :)

No sarcasm intended. I really would love to be so focused on a genre. I sometimes consider streamlining, offloading a couple of consoles and all the games, but I know I won't. I just couldn't...

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Half-Life 2

Halo 2

PAL release of Xenosaga Episode 1

Metal Gear 3

Confirmation on Shenmue 3 (please!)

Confirmation of a Rez sequel (please!)


GTA: San Andreas

E3 (Nintendo's, Sega's, Ubi Soft's, and Microsoft's line-ups)

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I can't wait for...

Full Spectrum Warrior

Shadow Ops:Red Mercury

Doom 3

Halo 2

Metroid Prime 2



Cold Winter

Painkiller (Xbox)

Half Life 2 (Xbox)

Far Cry (Xbox)



Fabel, B.C., MGS 3, Starfox GC, Resident Evil 4, Mario 128, Flat Out, Burnout 3, any new Nintendo/AV/Sega games, Microsoft announcement of any new games, to see the DS/PSP in action, and Halo 2 to wipe the floor with Half Life 2 and win game of the show ;)

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I cant wait for City of Heros, spandex me do.

\o/ my lucky day.

Got home and I had an email from the City of Heros team telling me how to download the client and that Im in the beta ;)

For anyone that hasnt seen CoH yet ,here's a link to a board thread with lots and lots of amusing mock ups. Fun starts on page 2. Apolgies for the total rampant idiocy of the board.

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I like the suprises at E3.

Obviously I'm looking forward to the likes of Halo 2, HL...2, and other things with '2' in (probably), but I'm usually quite suprised at things which I'm sure I should have heard of, but have somehow passed me by.

That said, I'm quietly looking forward to more news on FFXII - Love the (few) shots there've been of it (Vagrant Story was tops in design too!).

Oh, and I'm not holding out for Yu Suzuki's announcment of Shenmue III, but you can live in hope, can't you?

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Conkers live and uncut, Resident Evil 4, Halo 2, GTA San Andreas and Metriod Prime 2

I hope we get to see a trailer of Perfect Dark Zero at e3, possibly running on Xbox 2.

Ah, Rare have gone fucking 'nanas with their last few games.

I'm all for cutesy and cuddly in moderation, but if they stick to that awful fucking cartooned Perfect Dark creature that they've been showing for a while, then I spit at them.

And maybe hock a loogie at them too.

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Shenmue III would bring me to an orgasm.

On a more realistic note:

Half Life 2

Spikeout Extreme

Wind Waker 2

Halo 2

Cold Winter

Resident Evil 4

Starfox whatever it's called


Metroid Prime II

That Paper Mario game

Mortal Kombat: Deception

Devil May Cry 3

Jade Empire


100 Bullets

Viewtiful Joe 2

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Mostly GTA: SA and then Halo 2.

Metal gear 3 should be worth looking forward to, as should Metroid Prime 2.

Really intruiged by the DS, looking forward to learning more about it rather than the machine itself.

Teh unveiling of the PSP is something that I'm really anticipating, I love my handhelds and new hardware is always exciting, especially with the prospect of PES3 or above being portable.

Talking of PES an online version would do nicely, it's a possibility and if Konami had any sense it would be a certainty.

There's a few others too such as Jade Empire, KOTOR2 and Half Life 2.

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There is really only a few games im looking forward to.

These two in particular:

Resident evil 4

Star Fox GC

others? Not that bothered.. to be honest with much else. Perhaps Kingdom Hearts 2, Half Life 2 (if its ever released), Burnout 3 and Wind Waker 2?

Weird.. they are all sequels.

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