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Rock Against Bush


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Personally I've never liked Bush's grunge-lite radio-friendly rock, but I don't see why these acts feel the need to turn against them. They're better than The Offspring and NoFX, and neither of them got to do Gwen Stiffanny or whatever her name is.

What a waste of a post. It wasn't funny. It was never going to be funny. George W. Bush could have come up with something funnier, and often does. He's funnier than The Offspring and NoFX.

Only cost me £7 too. Bargain.

Now THAT is comedy gold.

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I got it for £6 (with DVD) in Spiller's Records, Cardiff.

It's a nice little compilation, IMO. Obviously, it's quite a niche type of music (it should really be called Pop Punk Against Bush, rather than rock) so not everyone's going to like it, but they've put together a good collection here and at an excellent price as well.

Also on the CD are The Get Up Kids (who do seem a bit out of place, to be honest), and more mainstream/poppy bands such as Sum 41 and A New Found Glory. Theres also a video from Bad Religion.

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Jello Biafra, Anti Flag, Alkaline Trio, NOFX (it's a capital O, fact fans), Rise Against, Descendents, Pennywise, Strung Out, Strike Anywhere, RX Bandits and Against Me! are "awfulness"?!


"The bands on this comp have come together for one reason, and that's to express our outrage at - and form a unified front against - the dangerous, destructive, and deadly policies of George W. Bush and his administration."

It's not about one genre of music. It's not about who's 'punk' and who's not. It's a common front that I'm glad they can be unified on. Meh. I'm tired.

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