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The Best Co-op modes of our time?

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With the Doom Co-op announced, it got me a thinking about this.

Gauntlet is a natural here, along with many of those 2-4 player beat em ups popular in the 90's.

But what else, bar Halo, has graced our home systems first?

I recall Bloodwych, a pretty good 2 player RPG in the Dungeon Master style. I *only* had the Spectrum version, but it was still excellent.


Now I'm struggling...ok I blame it on Friday, but what other great co-op games have landed in our laps - or sometimes ignored?

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Rainbow Six 3 and Ghost Recon: Island Thunder have great co-op modes on Xbox Live. I also recall the ancient Atari game 'Xenophobe', which was released in the arcades (for 3 players) and on the Atari Lynx (two players, maybe three?)

Very true, R63 is great stuff! How could I forget?

I remember Xenophobe too, I had the spectrum version (again) which sucked...I remember seeing the arcade once but no one wanted to play with me...sniff :rolleyes:

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Goldeneye never had a co-op mode.

You have just lost all of my geek respect :rolleyes:

Do you remember that you could chnage the control method so that one controller controlled movement and the other controller controller aiming and firing. It was great fun on many missions and really had to work together to achive results. It was alos lots of fun becuase you only had to focus on one aspect of the game and it made getting some of the cheats much easier.

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