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The Best Co-op modes of our time?

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Ones that spring to mind (probably already mentioned):

- Streets of Rage (especially the 'twist' ending - made for two players).

- Golden Axe (although actually a bit pish, really, with two players it was pretty enjoyable in my day).

- Sonic 2 (as well as the legendary vs mode, it was great to control Tails with a second controller during the main game. Even if he did disappear a little too much).

- The Simpsons Arcade game (better than the other commonly-played Turtles arcade game in that using two players actually enabled a dual-attack mode. Having four players was just tops!)

- ToeJam & Earl! (The first one, mind, not the third. The third dimension kinda killed it, although the screen-splitting was fairly smooth and clever, I just don't think the game was anywhere near as good.)

- Halo (I needn't say much more, really. Assault on the Control room, on Heroic with an abled second player was as close to perfection as I've ever been able to reach. Absolutely unforgettable!)

Co-op games are severly under-used these days, in my opinion. The ones that do use it tend to be split-screen, which is a bit of a bastard because if your telly is small, you're not seeing the whole picture - or at least not as clearly as you might like. Games that do give you a shared screen tend not to work as well in 3D because you can go off to one side and not be able to see forwards clearly (see: Return of the King, which suffers from this at times). Maybe this is why I have fonder memories of co-op games from the past; they just seemed to work better back then. Then again, online games remedy this (Rainbow Six and Splinter Cell are teh r0xx0r, etc.).

Yes, I want more co-op goodness. None of this competitive nonsense :lol:.

Working together = the way forwards.

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well after playing zelda 4 swords, i have to say this is probobly the most co-op fun i have had in ages. its great the way, one second you are throwing you're friend off a cliff or into lava to beat them to the tresaure chest, next minute they are you're best friend as you team up to beat the boss.

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Fuck, I'd completely forgotten about HL:Decay.

It was great, wasn't it? Remember taking on the lander and all those bloody Xen aliens at the very end?

Yeah, wow, that's right, bring up *the worst part of the game ever*! :D

It was way more fun scurrying about Black Mesa trying to solve the puzzles like some demented version of The Crystal Mase.

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Just remembered one: Lucky and Wild.

Old arcade game, not sure how many people have played it. Two cops, one drives while the other shoots, great fun I'm telling ya. Bit like the Starsky and Hutch game, but better.

But both players had guns. Always thought that was a bit odd, should have made given the non-driver a different gun, or something else to do.

In a similar vein, I remember another arcade game, possibly a dedicated cabinet, where you're driving a tank, and the driver has control of the big gun, and the other person has a machine gun. But I might be making it all up.

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