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Please, God, let there be Prime 2 and Killer 7 at E3..

Actually, fuck that wish, let there be some decent footage of them that I can watch rather than hear that they were shown at some show 3000 miles away..

Anyhoo, whats everyone lookin forward too?

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I'm not really bothered about it. I just can't be buggered to get excited.

Any news on Animal Crossing 2 would be nice though.

Wel, when I say excited, I mean as excited as you can get about a show half way across the world where any games will be the subject of about 5 months slippage before hitting these shores.

Oh yeah, I forgot about the existenceod the DS and PSP. Probably because I dont care for dribbling over polygons and promises.

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I'm most looking forward to the DS cos it's what Nintendo do best - fleshing out new concepts.

I'm also looking forward to the PSP, hoping that developers are using it as more than an excuse to charge us another £30 for games we've just bought for PS2. 10 year old SNES ports are one thing, 1 year old PS2 ports are quite another.

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I doubt there'll be anything about it yet, but I'm really waiting on Xenosaga: episode II to show up soon. I thoroughly enjoyed the first, and from the very few shots I've seen so far, the next one should be bloody fantastic.

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What I'm looking forward to the most:

Wind Waker 2. I really am hoping that Nintendo will pull a "Majora's Mask" and make the 2nd GC Zelda title something really different. I also hope it's not called "Wind Waker 2".

The DS, because its still fairly mysterious what it will look like, and nobody has any idea what games will be announced for it.

MGS3 - because it looks cool and I want to see the gameplay in action.

Metroid Prime 2. Mainly because the Metroid Prime was one of the best games this generation.

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