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Paddington station demands to be put into a game as a level.

It's Halo 3 and you are fighting the Convenent on Platform 5, as the dome/arch of the station burns and falls. Shinkansen-like trains are trying to escape the station, as around you suits are being mowed down left, right and center. In the background (outside the WHSmiths), the Paddington Bear market stall thing is being manned by a Grunt.

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The Red Light District of Amsterdam. Would make a great location for an adventure game. Or even an FPS, although I don't think shooting hookers would go down well with the Daily Mail readers.

There was a game that was situated in Amsterdam. Davilex made it, the corny name was Amsterdoom.

Don't actually know if the Red Light District was in it. But Central Station was in it.

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I played a Quake 2 CTF map of the Rotterdam Schouwburgplein at a festival a few years ago. It was actually quite good with the two levels of the square and the parking garage underneath and the Schouwburg and De Doelen at either side as a Base.

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