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Funny, half of that's true now


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I've just been reading Acts of Gord again (I needed cheering up) and came across this chapter.

This topic is about things we though wouldn't happen in gaming, like the success of Xbox modding or Halo getting 10 in Edge (DO NOT TURN THIS INTO A HALO/EDGE THREAD).

It's funny how so often we're proved wrong. What's taken you by surprise?

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Nintendo actually listening to its consumers and releasing the GBA Sp

Nintendo recently releasing commercial emulators, dispite the fact it's always called them illegal.

Microsoft actually being a competitant competitor in the console marketplace.

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'controlling a game with my hands' in 2004. Were living in the future, man!

What exactly have you been using to control games? Your feet? :lol:

The DC dying came as a huge disappointing surprise. Xbox Live! being absolutely ace was a rather more pleasant surprise. Seeing myself in from the forum in edge was another surprise. And... Metroid Prime being second best game of this generation.

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What's that then? Or is that the Nes games on the GBA?

The Zelda bonus disks on the GC and the NES games on the GBA, as well as those built into Animal Crossing etc

The Xbox has been out for over 2 years now and there are still only a handfull of original and interesting games.

Please, please fuck off. I'd argue that all the consoles in this generation that are out only have a handful of exclusive genuine original and intresting games - the Xbox is no worse. Either way, this isn't the thread to argue it.

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