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Funny, half of that's true now


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Sonic in 3D.

Never materialised on the Saturn, I'd got to thinking it would never happen.

Sonic Adventure actually staying true to the series.

No daft Mario-style analogue dexterity tests, banal collecting or overly-intrusive wandering about. Just press-forward-and-jump-occasionally fun... I'm still grateful to this day that SEGA didn't take the Nintendo route and try to re-invent the genre. It's talisman was better for it.

Sonic Sells Out

A new 3D Sonic title topping sales charts for weeks on end, despite ditching the best traits of its 3D forebears (namely varied design, and well-balanced differing gamestyles) and thus being utter mainstream tripe.

Never thought we'd see THAT when Sonic Adventure was one of the best games on the newly released, slightly struggling Dreamcast, in December '99 8)

Metroid in First Person.

Who'd have thunk it? :ph34r:


A remake featuring the best gameplay traits of the sequel? Two years ago I could only have hoped for such a thing.

Decent Star Wars Games

KoTOR, anyone? :blink: And Rogue Squadron's pretty good too. If that's your bag, baby :)

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A Fishing Controller!





Thanks for that.

You've inspired me. Next chance I get, I'm gonna drag out my rod and go fishing.

I haven't been fishing in ages.

(p.s. I am still talking about the game here. That's not prison lingo)

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