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Karsten Pflum


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I hate comparing albums to Boards of Canada, but I guess it makes it easier to describe them to some people. Okay, so this is only a *little* like BOC (re: not at all), but more experimental. A few familiar synths are dabbled with, but nothing too obvious.

I suppose the main comparison is with the retrospective childhood 'thing' throughout, but it also boasts a more contemporary slant.

Twenty-two year old Jacob Helverskov Madsen is one of the new bets of British label Worm Interface. An exponent of Danish new wave electronica his work is a perfect assemblage of extremely melodic instrumentation and deconstructed rhythms. "Massively technical but catchy drum programming a la Tom Jenkinson, mixed with sweet tooth melodic sensibility, will appeal to fans of Solar X, Tom J., Aphex Twin. Karsten Pflum is from the currently very trendy northern Europe, Denmark to be exact."

The label website is giving away a couple of tracks:



What can I say? If you want something genuinely interesting and fun to listen to, get this. It's called Tracks.

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Yup, not for 'pretty and easy to listen to' fans, but I'm not really promoting it as such. My first listen scared me, whilst the second completely surprised. It's a steady grower.

Give it a chance, live with it and see whats happens, because by god there's some impressive stuff going on in there.

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