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Games you loved but...

Mr Sheen

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I loved system shock (original on PC) if as many people who 'claim' to have played it had then no one would rember the doom series as they would have all been playing SS instead.

(oh and don't give me crap about playing doom on a lan or modem because fuck all people actually played that way - another case of 'me too' syndrome)

If you have the original CD version of SS and want to play it go see http://www.m3fe.com/content/sshock

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I played System Shock 2 late night and it scared the bejesus out of me. Low polygonal characters, though the game was dripping in atmosphere. Zombies chanting about how they were going to eat my flesh, bad enough. Classic moment - zombie with a big stick which actually turns out to be a shotgun. Gaagrhg! That reminds me, Blood 2 as well... I remember playing that late night, and it was immensely playable and great fun.

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Also Bishi Bashi Special. Fucking brilliant if you've got mates round and you're a bit worse for wear.



Must find my copy of that.. It got lost when I moved house last year..

I'm finding that I'm receiving a fair bit of stick off my mates for playing Harvest Moon. "But it's a farm! That's not fun!"


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Banzai in videogame format. Some of the titles of the challenges were mental too -

Facial Slot Machine

Jump For The Meat

Mechanical Pencil Basher

...and of course, the classic

Uncle Launcher

I want more games like this.

Can't remember what it was called, but the disco afro one. Actually had tears of laughter with that one. Quality, quality, quality, quality game.

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Definately SOF: Double Helix. I think there was nothing more fun that bursting into a room shotgun in hand and blasting the arm off one bloke, send anothers leg across the room then decapitate someone before they had time to realise what was going on.

Fond memories.....

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Bishi Bashi gets a vote from me- my mates just don't "get" it, they can't even get their heads around "push [] for left box, X for middle box, O for right box". The monkey-based remember-the-sequence game, even tho it is remarkably boring, is a fave for me- those sound effects when you get it wrong always leave me in stitches on the floor.

uperb fun tho, would make a great meet drinking game, actually. You could "bet" an amount of booze into a pint glass, and whoever loses has to drink the lot of it.

Other games- Syphone Filter 2- sorry, but it's fantastic, proper-B-action-movie stuff. Lots of explodeable environments too. Love it. MGS2- taking out 30 Rays with a stinger launcher on Extreme mode feels soooo good.

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MGS2- taking out 30 Rays with a stinger launcher on Extreme mode feels soooo good.

Oh yeah, and MGS2: I thought it was ace from beginning to end.

Why did loads of people buy the sequel to the notoriously plot-and-cutscene-heavy Metal Gear Solid and then suddenly moan that they were having to sit through loads of cutscenes?

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Mates come to my house and see quite a large pile of ps2 games and are initially impressed...

Then they read the titles, amoung which are gitaroo man, dot hack's, aqua aqua, space channel 5, bust a move, rez, frequency, amplitude, psyvariar, slipheed, r type, ico etc and then they go "meh, dont you have fifa 2004?"

fucking cretins. I've given up on them, i now spend most of my time jabbering to Yoda about games instead.

All of the above, oh, and, Galahad for the sega megadrive

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Disagree. The bugs and the power-up poncing ruined it fer me. Gimme 2097 anyday.

Never said it was better, just under rated. Yes there were many bugs and you'd have to be mad to have the weapons turned on, but it was unfairly slammed at times.

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Shadow of Memories

The Longest Journey

G Darius

Tactics Ogre

Er, there's a bundle more but I've not slept yet so can't thunk staight.

Aye, Shadow of Memories... A Fine, FINE game...

Very limited, but brilliant nonetheless...

I totally forgot about that one.

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Wave Race: Blue Storm. Fantastic racing game with great handling once you got used to it. Unfairly panned by far too many.

Red Faction 1+2. Not brilliant, but enjoyable and some great sequences throughout.

Fire Warrior. Again, no brilliant, but a decent enough Space Marine FPS that really captured the feel of the 40K universe in my estimation. Had an amazing level on the outside of a spaceship. Great stuff. And then when all the chaos marines appeared ;)

Ghosthunter. Great game. So many great touches and lovely, lovely visuals.

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Red Dog on the Dreamcast - the multiplayer on this was great fun

Luigis Mansion - this reminded me of playing games on my spectrum when I was a kid (by the way, this is a good thing)

Panzer Dragoon Orta

Ico / Beyond Good and Evil / Prince of Persia - not sure if you'd count these as they have been critically acclaimed


Dead to Rights


I am sure there are loads more but that'll do for now.

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Shadowman, best music/FX ever. Oh for a PLII mix of that puppy.

Excellent intro - Moonlight Sonata - great stuff

Recently, I really enjoyed .hack//infection and I am eagerly awaiting the next instalment.

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I'm currently really enjoying R:Racing Evolution, which has many a hater as it's not Ridge Racer.

Another vote for Freedom Fighters too, a highly enjoyable game that was.

Add in the two Street games (NBA/NFL) from EA BIG for some hugely overlooked gaming fun in this country too.

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