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Buying 18 rated games for the under aged.

Hello Goaty ♥

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Ho hum.

I just bought Backyard Wrestling for someone who was roughly 15 or 16.

he approached me and asked if i'd buy it for him. Fair enough, he wasn't 9 years old or anything..

Thing is, the guy behind the counter ( in Gamestation ) sussed me, and had a mad one!

quoting various things such as £5000 fines and 2 years in Jail. ;)

Still, he sold me the game, I called him a twat and gave the kid his game.

I am a bad man. ( for wasting the kids money such a shit game )

whats your take on this?

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I take more offense from you calling someone who's just doing their job, a "twat".

Terrible. Downwards from here on.

But is was none of his business. I was buying the game at this point. I was reading a Hyper Street Fighter advert while he was warbling oin. and on. and on.

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Seriously though, I don't really care. I just like to try and make it look like I have some morales in me sometimes.

I'd have at least looked to get some profit off the guy you bought the game for though?!

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Why did you bother asking us what we think if you already *know* you're right?

I asked to see what people think.

You are gamers for fucks sake.

When did gamers care about age ratings?

we should help our fellow brothers and sisters! ( as long as they are over 14 ;) )

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