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Buying 18 rated games for the under aged.

Hello Goaty ♥

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You see..

if the kid was about to buy manhunt or Vice City I wouldn't have bothered.

but Backyard Bloody Wrestling?

What a cunt you are. Mind you, the bloke should have refused to sell it to you. Mind you, he probably feared for his job if he didn't sell it to you. Or if he did.

So, you put him in a horrible lose-lose position and then called him a twat because he objected to you flagrantly breaking the law.

Brian Goat, you are a tiny little shithead.

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I'm just going to say that age ratings are there for a reason, good job they do though, it won't be the first time this incident has happened, the shopkeeper is equally to blame for actually letting you buy the game for this person who was under-age and so if anything came of it he would get brought into it for not stopping it happening.

At the end of the day though, despite the age ratings, all the shops want is to hear the cash register ringing and so don't really care who makes it ring as long as it does, as your story proves.

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Ho hum.

I just bought Backyard Wrestling for someone who was roughly 15 or 16.

he approached me and asked if i'd buy it for him. Fair enough, he wasn't 9 years old or anything..

Thing is, the guy behind the counter ( in Gamestation ) sussed me, and had a mad one!

quoting various things such as £5000 fines and 2 years in Jail. ;)

Still, he sold me the game, I called him a twat and gave the kid his game.

I am a bad man. ( for wasting the kids money such a shit game )

whats your take on this?

He wasn't meant to sell you the game, if it's obvious you're buying the game for someone else, who is underage.

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me personally, and not knowing you so only going on this thread, I think you`re a bit of a dipstick.

For example: a year ago everyone came into the youthgroup I run in a bit of a weird mood... Turned out a kid had had his back damaged in a pretend wrestling playfight in the school playground. The back was feared broken but in the end turned out to just be painfully damaged.

Anyhow, kids pretend. kids prtend according to their value systems and the things that culture gives them to feed off of. Sometimes, most times, the vast majority of times even the pretend things that we all did as kids have no huge effect on us or others...

But watching all of the kids I know playing GTA, knowing that a percentage of the go out joyriding on the evenings we`re not youth grouping... knowing that a percentage of them are getting drunk on cheap beer that one of the older brothers buys from the corner shop... all that sort or stuff...

Me I wouldn`t have bought it. Apart from everything else you`ve just shown the kid that rules are for others. rules are avoidable, rules are an annoyance that you can get past. whatever. your choice, hopefully it doesn`t backfire hugely.

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I don't thing Goaty was breaking the law.

The shop might have been.

I'm pretty sure he was. Either way, the shop guy had little choice but to do what he did. The choice between getting a bollocking/losing your job/breaking the law is a tough one. Saying no to some kid is not.

I don't understand how Brian Goat could ask for opinions about him breaking rules that let gaming grow then get surprised that those opinions were negative.

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Not really, but it's in the training video so it's part of the VCI thingy ;) He had a go at him about it (which he shouldn't have) and then still gave him the game, that's double twattyness, so Goat Keeper should be allowed to call him a twat :P

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Can anyone give me a valid reason why a 15 year old should not be allowed to play Manhunt - Or watch Kill Bill for that matter.

Because they have been rated 18 in this country. I don't subscribe to the theory that games make kids into killers, not by a long way, but I'd be an idiot to think that they don't affect them in someway. The people who give these certificates don't do it because they're puritanical Whitehouse types - they give them because they believe that X will affect person Y who is under a certain age. It's different in other countries, but that's their business, and people's attitudes are different.

Now, that's what I think. Give me a valid reason why they should be allowed to play manhunt.

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Manhunt is nasty, man. Really nasty. It's good though, and I'm still playing it through, but after one three hour session and then a restless night filled with vicious, vicious dreams I have laid off playing it in big bursts. And I'm no media saint. I grew up with the video nasties, seen all fulci's stuff, cannibal films etc. But there is something about Manhunt. It's the tone of the whole thing. The nihilistic attitude of everything in it. It has no redeeming heart in it. It is black and nasty. But still damn good. I wonder what this says about me? I would never let anyone under 18 anywhere near this game.

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Neither would I!

-you'd have thought I did buy him Manhunt from some of the nasty replies I have recieved so far.

Thing is though, Goaty, it was an 18 game. You should have said no. It's not down to you to judge whether he is fit to play the game or not. And calling the shop assistant a twat was bit uncalled for, as well.

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Noooothing! just as long as you remember it's fantasy. It's black comedy.

Well, I laugh at 'em anyway. ;)

I see no comedy in it though. None. There is no moral heart in the game. No feeling that you are avenging something, or fighting for a cause. Hell, you play a murderer saved from the chair. Everything about it is dark, nihilistic and black.

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Exactly, it's the shops fault for watching it happen and letting it happen. Oh well.

What was the guy behind the till going to say?

"You're buying this for that kid, aren't you?"

"No, I'm buying it for myself."

You see? There's no way for the employee to prove who the game is going to after Goat Keeper has it, is there?

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What was the kid doing talking to strange men anyway. He should be ashamed.

Do BBFC certificates mean that someone can't play a game, or just can't buy one with a big red '18' stamped across the front of the case? I think it's the latter, as underage children can get into 18 rated films as long as their parents are with them, so from that logic, parents can buy 18 games for their children...

Although that's probably all utterly wrong.

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