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Q: Anyone from RLLMUK going?


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games? who cares about games, i'm gonna see babes. woohoo!

and oh yeah, lotsa (sorry Sprite Machine) pics of babes. gotta love the 120* zoom on this digital videocam :D And Super Night Vision :P

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Actually that was a sly Edge reference, but sure. Ahem, but no racial preference :P

Meh see them all the time over here, but wouldnt complain on seeing some more with the generic mini skirts and low cut tops.

Can you get some wearing some huge leg warmers for a quick bet for me please?

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I am free to go to America as I don't have a job, but I want some money and a grand or two to spend :rolleyes: and travelling expenses payed :)

And you'd need a visa, unless you like having your cavities searched by customs beofre they send you back home again.

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I want to play those games. Are they hard?

Not hard. Sweet, soft en kinda jelly. Just the way I like my games ;)

And rev-happy performance, that 'fluid' is coke I spilled over a fellow journalist :(

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