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The Chronicles of Riddick

Monkichi 2.0

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right as we re talking about a demo here, can anyone tell me where to download it from? I cant find it in any news groups

edit: Is this game multiplayer??

edit again: actually just found the demo.

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single player only


Is it just the demo thats single player?

I thought this was going to be the new goldeneye (i.e its a film license that no one gave a crap about, and it sneaked out of no where)

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I just ordered this from DVDBOXOFFICE, when I selected Canadian dollars it came in at around £25.

Whats the catch?

DVDBoxoffice will take about 7 years to deliver it. Should have gone with videogames.ca as linked at the top. Usually delivered in up to 7 days.

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What Hitcher says. Good stuff and they do pre-owned stuff at dirt cheap prices as well. I got the Sega GT/JSRF disk for £4 which ain't bad (it was still sealed as well with the Xbox tag along the opening spine so I think it had never even been played) and they have quite a few decent Xbox games for around a tenner.

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Contrast that with my Ninja Gaiden pre-order of the beginning of March which, to anyone following my incessent moaning about it, has just had my order for a replacement as being 'confirmed'. I predict another couple of weeks before they get round to shipping it... :lol:

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