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The Chronicles of Riddick

Monkichi 2.0

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The buzz around this game is getting hard to ignore. Just watched the trailer. It looks very nice. But people bandying about the phrase 'Doom 3 quality' graphics... erm, not quite. Very (as in, GE007, almost) low poly environments and not fully dynamic lighting. The animation and character models are fantastic though. And at least it runs fast.

With any luck I'll play it next week some time. When's the PC version coming out?

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Yes, you!

Anyway, I'll stop dragging this thread off topic before I get into trouble.

Or start talking about/posting pics of Alias/Jennifer Garner.


Anyway, back to the game... I'm also liking the FP hand to hand combat as well. It's immensely satisfying to land some nice 1-2 right left combos and then smack them agains the wall with an uppercut. The whole thing feels really solid.

And did someone mention the graphics. :unsure:

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She looks like a bloke. I've done better picking up any of the last few lonely drunk ladies hanging around when the nightclub shuts.

If you know blokes that look like that, introduce me. I would DEFINITELY consider kicking for the other team if you're right.

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I thought you might have been doing it on purpose!

You're too good, I need to practice more.

So, lets see...

Hey, I had a slumber party at Juria's, wanna know what hapened?

Let me guess, you played FF:CC until the wee hours and then went to sleep. :unsure:

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