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Given the influx of people buying PC's, I thought it might be an idea to post up what games have been patched in recent weeks, then I will post an update for each week or so.

In all cases, a trip to the games' homepage should point you in the right direction to obtain the patch - Or if the game has it, click the "Update"button.

Here are games, that I know of, that have been patched in the last month, feel free to add to it.

Alien Blast - The encounter v1.3

Battlecruiser Millenium Gold

Beyond Divinity v1.4

Breed patch #1

Call of Duty v1.4

Crusader KIngs v1.01

Dead Man's hand

Fair Strike v1.04

Hidden & Dangerous 2 v1.04

MVP Baseball Patch #1

Painkiller v1.55

Pro Rugby Manager 2004 v1.05

Rairoad Tycoon 3

Sacred v1.6.6

Spartan v.1009

Star Trek : Starfleet Command 3

Virtual Skipper 3

War Times

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Theres a UT2004 patch too, but its only in Beta at the moment, and UTsecure1.1 doesn't work with it at the moment.

Mods don't work with it either, as quite a few Deathballers found out. Due to the way the patches work, most things will required an update to work with new patches I think..

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Not wanting to piss on Pete's campfire. But for the price of a small install and at a cost of £10 annual subscription (and despite their claims possibly some spyware content - I don't know I don't use it), Gameshadow will do this job for you automatically.

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