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If it's not shenmue 3 i dont give a shit anymore sega can fuck off for all i care, they have really gone downhill lately

Yes where is Shenmue 3 :/ Is Digital Rex part of Sega anyways? As far as I understand Shenmue rights are with digital rex and yu suzuki who departed AM2? hmm......whatever I just want to see a conclusion to this epic ;)

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Shenmue III would be excellent as I really like Shenmue, someone asked for a new version of Powerdrift, have you played Buggy Heat on the Dreamcast?. That is basically what you are asking for, or at least I thought it paid more than a slight nod to the superb Powerdrift anyway.

Any news on this 'announcement' would be greatly appreciated so we can all be put out of our misery, if it is anything major then I will be surprised, it could just turn out to be all hype about something with no substance, which is a shame as I really think Sega are a good development company.

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I just waded trough pages of crap for nothing. Sega better come up with something. And if it isn't Shenmue III I'm gonna cry.

Maybe we should start scheming our rebellion when they decide that the big annoucement was phantasy star universe or matrix online? Should we start bombarding them with emails yet? ;)

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Sega have got nothing to show us, nothing

He's right, you know. The show is well underway, and there have been several reports from Sega's "surprise" conference already which didn't reveal anything particularly interesting.

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