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Ninja Gaiden - again


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Yay! Finished this now.

To be honest I found it easier than Devil May Cry (on Normal).

Only a few points in the game ended in me tearing my hair out, but nothing was truly harder than Nightmare or Nelo Angelo.

Or those bloody shadow dog things.

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Can you block the explosives they throw then?

The ninjas became a lot less threatening when I realised this, but they still annoy me, because around half of the time when I counter an attack and successfully hit one ninja, another one will take the opportunity to hit me with an exploding shuriken. There's no way I can see of avoiding that - countering leaves you open to it - and it can be very annoying.

On the other hand, it can be immensely satisfying when you get the whole ninja group caught up in a nunchika whirlwind. Every time Gaiden pokes you in the eye, its other hand is goosing you. I don't know what to make of it at all. I suspect that the effort and dedication it requires could instead be channeled into learning a new language. One composed entirely of swears, no doubt.

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Chapter 16 jumping for that branch just after the short cutscene - I just can't seem to reach it.  :rolleyes:

Soo close...

Ohhhh I remember that bit. Terrible camera for any sort of platforming action. Oh word of advice: Don't do what I did, and spend about 20 attempts trying to run across the wall after you've made it up the second jump., and have ran to the corner of the cavern. Look right and there she is.

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Now i'm confused. Either I've played this game way too much, people are horribly over reacting or they're just a bit poo ;). I just fought Alma and I wans't even playing properly - just mucking about a bit to see what the next section was like. She was a piece of piss. At first I got caught in the purple ball atack but then after that she only got me with a few simple hits. Roll -> jump -> roll -> jump -> flying swallow, basic combo, roll away. Easy. Did it on my first time!

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