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Most Important SNES pal releases


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I've had my SNES for a few years now and its running fine. I've got most of the major games out there, but only one with a box, heres my list

mario world

mario kart

mario allstars

super tennis


street fighter 2 turbo

donkey kong country

mario world 2 - yoshi's island

smash tv

stunt race fx

f - zero

turtles tournement fighters

maximum carnage

I did come across and buy Zelda but the cartridge seemed soo knakered that I took it back. I sorta regret it but honestly the cartridge looked soo fucked that I was'nt prepared to spend over a fiver on it. (maybe a bad call)

Other than RPGs, are there any other major cool PAL based SNES games I should look out for?

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Namco's Smash Tennis. Loads better than Super Tennis, IMO.

Sensible Soccer


Super SWIV

Legend of the Mystical Ninja (Goemon)

Pop n Twinbee

Super Probotector

Kirby's Dreamland 3 (can't remember if that came out over here or not)




Tiny Toons: Buster Busts Loose

Zombies Ate My Neighbours

There must be loads more that I can't think of right now.

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SNES Prince of Persia is the best of the original POP games.

Uh, let's see...

Super Aleste is one of the best vertically scrolling shooters of the 16 bit era.

Micro Machines one and two are both as good on the SNES as they were on the Genesis.

Did Tetris Battle Gaiden ever get a UK release under a different name? It's the best version of Tetris ever, anyway.

SNES Lemmings had a bunch of extra levels that were tougher than bargain steak.

Street Fighter Alpha 2 deserves a mention for being on of the most technically accomplished games of the 16 bit era, bit loses marks for having ENORMOUS borders in PAL territories. The Jap and USA versions were terrific, though.


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It is a cut down port of the PC-Engine Dracula X game. Still great though. We had a PAL copy of the game in at the Independent Shop I used to work in during my student days but as I already had it seemed pointless having another copy.

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I sold my copy of Street Fighter Alpha 2 on eBay a few years ago and got £60 for it. B) That's a rarity. Only ever seen one copy of the game in the shops, and that was the one I bought.

It was quite good fun really. Very basic graphics though - none of the scaling backdrops of the SFII games, and no parallax scrolling. Wasn't many animation frames either.

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Equinox (great, but very hard dungeon puzzler).

Desert Strike

Shadow Run *Must Have title*

Goof Troop

Clay Fighter


Rock 'N Roll Racing

Black Thorne

Road Runner (Looney Tunes)

Super Mario Allstars

Chrono Trigger *Must Have Game, one of the best EVER!*

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on SNES?

either i've heard it was a bad conversion or it never came out. Otherwise I'm interested. Having a SNES version of that gives me no reason to bother with the GENESIS emulator ever again <_<

Pish conversion, yellow card for evey foul. What pish.

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