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The perfect 10


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I bet you prefer Coldplay.

Here's a genuine question:

Is Belle & Sebastian's This is Just a Modern Rock Song a tribute to Coldplay? Or did it in fact inspire the band to the bland crap they keep producing?

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Hmmmmmmm...I just remembered how fucking cool Descent was. It was messed up, dimension-spinning, motion-sickness inducing kerazee fun.

I demand a spiritual sequel with spiffy graphics and effects. And Thom Yorke as a boss.

Descent is the Mansun of videogames; complicated, misunderstood, a bit shit at times with moments of clarity bordering on aceness bur ultimately doomed to failure.

and for the award for the forumite with least sense of humour goes to... roadkill. congratulations laughing boy ;)

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After reading your comment, I just realised that Quake III could have been another 'revolutionary' FPS (though to be honest, I really don't give a shit, and these Halo fanboys really need to stop jizzing over it's 'revolutionary' style).

Revolutionary in such a way that most of the weapons are so well refined, the gameplay is refined to such a degree that it could be comparable to refinements made in Halo. However, it's all clearly subjective, so I'll stop right there.

In fact, I just reinstalled the damn thing and DM17 is still brilliant, the perfection of the controls and the weapon balance is still there, the...well, read my previous post ;)

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Possibly entirely inaccurate trivia fact: the developers who worked on Forsaken went on to work on Breed.

What a disappointment that turned out to be. "Halo-beater" indeed. The topic has come full circle -> Halo - discussion - arguement - tangent - music - Halo

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