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Calling all 3 console owners


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I am lucky enough to own all 3 of the current consoles.

In my house the PS2 is the one that gets the most play and the GC is the one that gets the least.

Now, I have tried to love my GC and it has had a few very good games - Zelda and Eternal Darkness. Metroid Prime was too hard for me ( in fact I found it the hardest game of all time ), SM Sunshine I found very dull and I have yet to try Double Dash.

With a lot of the games ( even the decent ones - shock! ) being multi-format you can get away with only one or two consoles. I did get my GC for free ( through a work bonus thing ) and like it a lot. Also, the new Zelda is the game I am looking forward to the most.

But I don't love it the way I love my N64.

It just sits there most of the time. My DC gets more use!

The reason the PS2 gets the most use is probably because 2nd stock gets cheaper quicker compared to the other 2. I picked up Jade Cocoon 2 for £4 in Game the other day and Sons of Liberty for £5 last month.

The Xbox is my DVD player and when faced with a multi-format choice is the console I normally go for ( if price or release delays is not an issue ). Hence it gets a lot of use too.

Now, this isn't an anti-GC rant, I am just stating what console of the current generation gets the least/most use in my house.

What about everybody else....

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PS2 gets used the most and cube the least tho' my xbox is getting the love atm due to a DOAX revival.

The Cube isn't rubbish, I only really play MK:DD, Monkeyball and Animal Crossing on it. Nothing else really fires the imagination.

I would agree on the PS2 front with regard to pricing. I got Maximo 2 for £15 brand new the other day. I don't think any of my PS2 games have cost me more than £20.

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In order, Xbox, PS2, GC. That's the order in which I last played them.

I've had the GC since October and I've yet to play any of the games I got for it. Mostly because I decided I was going to finish all my games and started with the ones that I'd half done for the PS2 (purchased October 2002).

That's since been dusted, so it's on to the Xbox (had it since January this year) to finish Halo. As soon as that's done its on to the cube.

It's not because of the consoles, it's because of the games. At the minute, I want to play Halo, and Eternal Darkness, Metroid Prime and Majora's Mask aren't going to tempt me otherwise.

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Toss up between the cube (best sit around one console multiplayer and single player games) and the xbox for me, with the xbox edging ahead due to live.

The SP gets more use than the PS2 that was only bought for Kingdom Hearts although i do have 20 games for it now. It's just the controller, i try to stay away from it as much as possible.

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I use my GameCube most, though I only bought it a month ago. I haven't turned on my Xbox for months, and still the only game I own for it is Halo. I use my PS2 every now and then, but I own the most games for it.


1. GameCube

2. GBA

3. PS2

4. Dreamcast

5. Xbox

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Depends. Recently? GC solidly when I had Beyond G&E, then PS2 solidly when I had BG:Dark Alliance, now Xbox solidly now that I've had it modded.

They all get their turn, I don't feel any worry about using one less than the other. I haven't played my DC for a year maybe, but it's there for when I need it.

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I find it's completely subjective which machine gets the most use... A few months back it was all GC with AC, Fzero and Viewtiful Joe. After that it was asome serious sessions on VF4 Evo on the PS2... and then the xbox with ninja gaiden I think on adverage they havew all been played about the same amount which one is most popular at this moment depends purely on what games I'm playing... currently Ninga Gaiden and steel battlion so it the xbox... but next month I could be playing the GC all the time or the PS2 they all have their moments.



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For me it's all down to what's come out recently. For example, recently the Xbox has had a bit of a revival (Ninja Gaiden and Rallisport Challenge 2) and I've been playing Pikmin 2 on the GC. Like an earlier poster said, if a game's multiplatform then I'll get the Xbox version unless there's a release date delay.

The only constant is that I probably play the current version of PES about as much as all my other games put together - I guess that alone means that the PS2 takes at least 50% of my playing time. Once PES is out for the Xbox, maybe this will change.

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Xbox most - but not actually playing Xbox games. Watching Bobobo Bo-Bobobo in XBMC and playing through Sonic 2 on NeoGenesis.

GameCube next - mainly playing Adventure Island, determined to get 100% fruit on every level.

PS2 last, currently doing nothing but it will be playing Outrun by the end of next week.

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I find myself using my GBA the most, but out of the 'big 3' it'd probably be the PS2. But even that's started to acquire dust as I turn more and more to PC gaming. Hopefully Disgaea (which just shipped - yay) should give me an excuse to dust off the PS2.

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Xbox the most. PS2 a lot at the moment, as I've only had it a month or two. I'm afraid I only switch the GC on to autoswitch the TV out of widescreen if I don't have the remote while playing on the Xbox. (Something about voltages and pins on my XBox cable).

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