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The Day After Tomorrow


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It disturbs me that simply because of the fact that a movie is going to be a holidayblockbuster, it has to be trite, dumbed down crap.

It also astounds me that everybody suddenly loses their sense of objectivity when going to see movies nowadays..

Americans are funny at the flicks, they just go fucking stupid, hollering at the screen and wooping, my american ex, while we were watching the trailer for "ladder 47" or whatever the fuck it was called started getting all stressed saying "my god this movie would be really upsetting for people who lost people during 9/11"

i stated that slasher movies may also be offensive to the thousands of people worldwide who have had loved ones murdered... she didn't understand the parallel at all..

The thing is, the majority of americans would actually get quite upset or shocked at seeing their pop culture landmarks destroyed, it's a cheap fucking ploy to get these braying idiots excited.

I used to read about certain horror films where the audience were screaming or fainting, and actually thinking a movie could induce such a reaction, but the reality was, they were just stupid fucking yanks.

dunno what my point is but.. oh yeah that was it.. that day after tomorrow was toss on toast.

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