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Rllmuk Film Society!

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I'm in, especially as I already have the first film on DVD.

(and I'm now off to off-topic to see what this book group thing is all about - I still think there should just be a film/music/tv/books/theatre/etc folder to save me having to ever go to OT).

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count me most definatly in!

ed wood ehh, never even heard of it! am sure play.com will have it thow

are we going to have a separate thread for you replies or we just going to carry on, on this thread?

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Here's a thing: It shouldn't be too hard to get hold of Ed Wood, but for future months if someone picks something obscure which your local Blockbuster or HMV can't supply then there's always the option of online DVD rental. They tend to operate on the basis of a monthly flat fee, for which they send you a disk that you can keep as long as you like until you're ready to send it back and get another one. The typical cost is about ten pounds per month so it could work out a bit expensive if you're just doing it for this thread, but they all offer free trials to start with. If it's just the odd film you're after you could take advantage and not pay a penny.

Stuart Campbell has a thread on his forum about theoretically for how long you can get free films just by hopping between trials. Pop along to his forum for some opinions, but to save you the hassle I've swiped this list:

http://www.qflicks.co.uk (two weeks free trial)

http://www.lovefilm.com (two weeks)

http://www.webflix.co.uk (two weeks)

http://screenselect.co.uk (two weeks) - BONUS: Use ref code FR21 and get an extra week, courtesy of WoS!

http://dvd.mailboxmovies.com (two weeks)

http://www.choiceserental.com (30 days) EDIT: Now 21 days.

http://www.movietrak.co.uk (two weeks)

http://www.postadvd.com (two weeks)

http://www.moviemine.com (two weeks)

http://www.videoisland.com (two weeks

And BlockBuster.co.uk themselves give you a one month trial.

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I'm in, definitely.

I'll try and pick up Ed Wood when I'm in the city during the week.

My list for ye would be:

Requiem For A Dream

City Of God



12 Angry Men

Hamlet (the modernisation with Ethan Hawke as Hamlet and Bill Murray (!) as Polonius. I thought it was great. Would require a good knowledge of the play, though.)

Mulholland Drive


And lots more I can't think of.

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Ed Wood - Good choice.

Coincidentally I picked this up from Virgin last week. The Dublin, Henry St. branch is runnning a 4 DVDs for €40. Some good titles in there. I just have to get around to actually watching it.

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My list for ye would be:


Mulholland Drive


I'd like to vote for Mulholland Drive being banned from the film society.

If it was the nominated film then there'd just be a huge discussion about the "story"/"plot" to the film, and nothing about the actual film itself or the wonderful qualities it does have, and I'd just end up wanting to kill everyone!

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