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I always put my name in as YUI, which always makes people ask me why I use those letters but they are never impressed:

Way back in the console golden days when everyone was loving the SUBLIME Daytona on the Saturn (not the shitty CCE one) there were letter combinations you could enter to get special tunes and such rubbish. There were tons of options but the only track I ever found that I liked was the jingle that played when you entered your name as YUI.

So it stuck. Everyone is always curious about it. Then they are saddened by the tale. Go figure.

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Great, I had to check that no one else has used it already, but I always use GOD. I just thought it sounded cool and it wasn't because I thought that I was some sort of God like games player in case if anyone thinks that.

I also use it for any FPS, like Quake and Halo. It's quite amusing when it says that "you were killed by God" in Halo.

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Hey I got there first :rolleyes:

Of course you never manage to get a frag, do you Jawad? 

I've managed to kill you many on many occasions. Besides, you've never played me at Halo, so you have no idea what I'm like at that.

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If its a decent highscore its JAS( did anyone see it on Crystal Castles at the GameOn exhibition?, the name of the best score becomes part of the first level graphics)

Else its ACE because I pronounce JAS as Jase, you take the J away and it becomes ACE......no I actually am just plain lazy

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