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Ulrich schnauss

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I'm sure that you haven't ALL heard of this person, so I'll say how great he is, and the people who have heard of him can back me up.

I *LOVE* electronic music, and you've got your boards of canada and whatnot, but schnauss's stuff is just so 'pretty' and IMO gets better with every listen, that i'm a touch surprised that he's not more well known

he's got 2 album's out, Far away trains passing by and A Strangely Isolated Place and they're as good as each other.

and... here are some tracks to leech off of some site! the first is from the second album and the other two are from the first one.




this is the part where you rip the tunes to shreds. :rolleyes:

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His fame is spreading gradually. He's got a track on Sasha's new 'Involver' album and he's collaborating on Way Out West's new album.

His music is achingly beautiful in places and has that happy/sad, optimistic/retrospective quality that the best music has.

Try and track down some of his remixes on Soulseek too. He has a track with a French singer named Celine called 'Secret thoughts' which is lovely.

I used to prefer 'Far Away trains...' to 'Isloated Place' but now it has switched around. The latter is a little more complex and diverse.

So, um, yes go and buy his albums. Immediately.

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Excellent! so a load ofpeople who have already heard of him are saying he's great. Where's the love from the newbies?

Especially seeing as how you went and posted mp3s and everything. Maybe they're not visiting the thread.

You should have called it "Great new depressing lovelorn identikit indie band thread". That would have had them flooding in.

I got "Isolated Place" on Uncle Mike's rec. I guess that makes me a second-generation Futureshock recommendee.

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And whilst we're on the subject of stunningly beautiful electronic bliss, get a hold of Donnacha Costello's 'Always A Part'. It's been the anthem for my past couple of weeks and shows no sign of getting tired. Sheer, pure, undiluted melancholic awe.

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mmm ulrich schnauss..

saw him play a few years back.. top shit :)

his arrangements remind me of an electronic version of the cocteau twins in their heyday...

and yeah! buy that bochum welt LP!!!

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