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Mario Golf GC Euro version


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So, what were they doing delaying it this long?

Did they actually fix anything, remedying the complaints about it, such as the patronsing ghosts?

I'm interested :3 I might pick it up again when it's cheap because I liked that game.. a bit. Ace Golf rules!

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I don't know. I played the singeplayer game for 2 or 3 days then got incredibly bored. Multiplayer golf bores me to death because I can't stand waiting for my opponents to make their move. It's almost identical to the N64 version anyway.

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Ace Golf rules!

This is the same as Swingerz Golf right? If so, yes. Struggling with the final 3 rounds, and two players left to unlock. I must say I've enjoyed this a lot more than Tiger Woods 2004. And, I suspect, than I will Mario Golf, but will probably order it now that it's cheap on vg+.

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me too.

probably will pick up the us version along with us gba mario tennis

I prefer the tennis game (actual game)... but i hope they make it more like mario golf with the extras and unlocking chritreres and stuff (talking N64 here as not played GCN versions)... on Tennis ALL the charicters bar 2 where open at the start :) and the one player didnt have much to it at all...

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i think im gonna order the us version from vg+.

does it work with action replay/freeloader?

also does warioware, mgs:tt + four swords work?

Most games ive heard do work, if so, only american games for me :P

The latest version of Freeloader, 1.06B, works with everything.

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just got the game... here are the pal exclusive codes...

UN7N84JN K-Zone Cup (Lakitu Valley)

RNLEGM2M Nintendo Australia Open (Blooper Bay)

36NH7XNG Nintendo Official Magazine (UK) Competition

T53534K2 TV Hits Tour (Shifting Sands)

other codes are....

9L3L9KHR Bowser Badlands Tour

2GPL67PN Bowser Jr.'s Jumbo Tourney

0EKW5G7U Camp Hyrule Tournament

BJGQBULZ Hollywood Video Tour

ELBUT3PX Peach's Castle Grounds Course

CEUFPXJ1 Target Tour Tournament

Hold Z and Start at the title screen. Go to Password Tournaments.

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