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That picture by a forum user a few weeks ago of a bedroom full of game stuff got me thinking. I cant stand having too many games, you just feel bogged down by them and never give them enough attention.

So anyway my current gen game collection fits in a tiny shelf. I wouldnt part with a single one of them.


and my little shelf of PSX, GBA, and misc junk.


Anyone got pictures of their collection?

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Can I have it?

How much £?

I got my copy for a fiver just the other day from a forumite :) minty fresh too and the same copy that says 'game of the year' on the spine.

it's all your fault krypt - whilst you graciously let me have a copy on the HDD, I had to own the NTSC version ;)

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I'd show pics of my collection, but it's all over the place after moving twice in a year - I also don't know where quite a bit of my stuff is. Once I've moved for the third (and final time for a while), I'll shove some pics up.

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I saw it once at GAME but the kid didnt trade it in. Then it turned up the other week at Gamestation pre owned and perfect nick. The 6 special tracks arent worth shouting from thr rooftops about but theyre nicely done. The Wipeout 1 tracks are unrecognisable now its not drawing itself 30 feet infront of you.

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