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Cheers Hitcher. :)

Davros yeah it looks even better in the flesh, the white has a kind of pearlescent shine to it. v.sexy.

Not too fussed on that Tribal design either. They're bringing one out based on the NES soon, that looks quite nice.

I just wanted one that was a bit different.

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Am currently playing Metroid Zero and Fusion. Great games. WarioWare, SMB3 and TonyHawk3 too. Got some bargains from ebay. ;)

Erm, if you bought games from eBay they are probably pirate copies. That's why the eBay market is flooded with cheap games.

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I'll join the SP love-in.

It a fantastic bit of kit. I didnt think I would use it that much, but its one of things that when you have one, you wonder what you did without one.

I would recommend

Advance Wars 2

Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga

Final Fantasy Tactics

Metroid Fusion

Zelda : LTTP

Wario Ware

Mario Kart

I want a decent 2d shmup for it though - Any reccomendations?

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Pete, Gradius Advance looks pretty good. :)

I spend 1.5 hours every day on the train, and the SP has made the time fly so far!

I'm also using it in quite a retro fashion, aiming to play all the old Mario games, and they've also brought out a load of old Amiga games for it, which is great!

Stuff like:

Speedball 2


and a few others I can't remember. :$

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the GBA SP is an awesome piece of kit. But I dont play mine much, mainly cos i never have time or dont travel enough to play it.

plenty of good games for it, although a lot of the 3rd party stuff is shite. I got tons of games for it...heh

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I love my SP. It is probably my most played console and I am currently slowly working my way through the 2000 puzzles present on ChuChu Rocket (which everyone must own IMO).

Other games currently competing for time include

Golden Sun

Shining Force

Prince of Persia

Harvest Moon

It is a great sturdy little system and I could not imagine gaming without it. My fear is that the next generation of portable machines will kill of the 2D gaming that the system enjoys.

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Gradius Advance should be on its way as we speak - Was quite hard to source!

Got it from Ebay in the end (went for the only copy that had a genuine picture, with box and contents all spread out)

I quite fancy going to Speedball 2 now

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I put in about 200 hundred hours in on Pokemon (Ruby) and still hadn't caught them all.

The best things about an SP:

1) I can play while my wife watches telly.

2) I can play in the bogs at work.

3) I can play while sitting in the car waiting for wifey in shops

4) I can play in bed.

And I can play with my SP in all those places too....

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