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:) He's on typical form I see.


Does anyone know why GTA's voice credits are so well hidden though? (I could be wrong, but I seem to recall that Vice City doesn't actually mention them anywhere in the game or the manual.) Do you have to pay more to actually feature an actor's name on the box? Is it a union thing?

A have a flaky memory so I might be wrong, but as far as I remember with Vice City it lists the actors in the manual and end of game credits. However, unlike some other games they never made a big thing about the actors involved or used their names in the marketing. Although with that said there was a "making of" type video circulating the net around the games release that showed the actors recording their parts, but it wasn't Rockstar distributing it.

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I assume these reviews are just part of their online service - or are they actually in the paper today? The Guardian's Saturday game reviews are consistently very good, I find.

That used to be true, but "Jedi Academy-gate" last year appeared to show Nick Gillett in the Guide reviewing the press release and getting his games all mixed up. So it appears his previously sensible opinions (such as liking Advance Wars) may well have been second hand. Or maybe he just had a bad week. In any case, I've taken him off my list of people to trust. The Guardian Online poeple on Thursday are normally just plain wrong.

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