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Games from cash converters/cash generators


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after slowly rebuilding my games collection of snes games i have found both shops to be quite good fro retro stuff

(mainly snes)

today i picked up for £1.99 each (all cart only)

mortal kombat 2

mortal kombat 3

puggsley scavanger hunt

mario world 2 - yoshis island

super gameboy

in the past i have also got

sensible soccer (classic game)


royal rumble ( still waitin for a copy of raw to appear)

super tennis

sf2 turbo

havent seen anythin such as zelda lttp or secret of mana.

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Yoshi's Island is good for £2 :D

I popped in to Cash Generators today, but all of the SNES games were a fiver- and there was nothing special. I picked up a mint copy of Ghost in the Shell for the PS1 for £5 though :P

yeah a lot of the games say £2.49 on the back

i just say to the guy (whoever is working there), " last time they were £1.99 (they were!), and he usually says okay.

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