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Best character name ever?


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House of the Dead - one of the blokes was called 'G' ;)

Hey now, ease up on G. G's the man.

Rogan was always going "Oh my poor girlfriend. I have to save/avenge her. Sniff sniff." like a great big wuss. G on the other hand was all "Fuck you and your cheap ass trenchcoat, pussy boy. I'm here to shoot zombies and look cool. Check out the mother fucking suit..."

Or words to that effect.

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Solid Snake ;)

Baz (from Giants)

Hwang Soong Yung (sic) (Soul Calibur) - because it's utterly stupid)


Duke Nukem

Lance Vance

Joka (Klonoa - mainly because it was pronounced "joke" in the demo I'd played, and it seemed rather amusing at my age to witness a character who was one big joke to everyone)

and not forgetting The Evil Queen Plusating, Bloated,

Festering, Sweaty, Pus-Filled, Malformed, Slug-For-A-Butt (from Earthworm Jim)

EDIT: regarding Speedball II...they all had superb names.

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Ban request. Racism.

Here's a good one. The Ally McCoist player in the SNES version of Sensible Soccer was called McCuist :lol: I think it rhymed with fust!

I think the footie replacement names are ace.

Like 'Ryan Griggs' or 'Jamie Blueknapp'.

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