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Best character name ever?


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Edmond Honda

I thought Capcom never called him Edmond, that was just the mags at the time and it stuck.

Half-Life. Goatee Gordon.

All of the HOTD enemies had ridiculous names like Chester or Doris.

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All of the HOTD enemies had ridiculous names like Chester or Doris.

Are you sure?

According to the Saturn instructions they're called things like Rubin, Evitan and Samson.

And.. er... Simon.

Geese Howard and Terry Bogard. Both are immensely cool. Both have immensely stupid names.

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Fidel has made a great discovery about the bosses' names. They're copied

straight from the major Arcana part of tarot cards. There are 22 tarots in the

Major Arcana section, and 9 are currently used in the HOTD series.

The names of the Tarots of The Major Arcana:

Tarot names  Info

-----------  ----

-Fool    (Main tarot of the Major Arcana)

-Magician    (Used in HOTD1 and HOTD2)


-Emperor    (Used in HOTD2)

-(High) Priestess

-Hierophant  (Used in HOTD2)


-Chariot    (Used in HOTD1)



-Strength  (Used in HOTD2)

-Hermit  (Used in HOTD1)

-(Wheel of) Fortune (I'm looking forward to this one =)

-Hanged Man  (Used in HOTD1)



-Tower  (Used in HOTD2)




-Judgement  (Used in HOTD2)


Keep in mind that the Tarots' meanings have absolutely nothing to do with

any of the HOTD bosses. Like, the tarot Tower IS A TOWER. The tarot

Hanged Man can't fly, tarot Hermit is certainly not a spider (Hermit is a

name which means time, by the way), and tarot Hierophant is a PREIST!

Also, you can check out a strategy game called "Ogre Battle" and it'll give

you some basic ideas of how they look like.

So there you go. That's a pretty weird FAQ by the way, worth a read...

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How about 'Super Nashwan' ?

On worms World Party on DC there was a worm called 'mysterious Dr X' :D

I love the worms random name generators, for when you're creating a team. I think my favourite random name must be "8.30 Eckles".

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"Howard Gibson" from Confidental Mission. Bwahahaha!

"Who are you?"

"Howard Gibson! CMF secret agent."

One of the cheesiest games I've played. Therefore, it gets replayed for comedy value.


"Monica: The presidents secretary" as one of the final bad guys :D

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Revolver Ocelot

Decoy Octopus

Oh come now. You left out the best one... Deep Throat

Although in my mind the best character names are those from the 80's, designed to sound cool. "Rick Dangerous" anyone? Or how about "Joe Blade"?

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Cuthbert - a whole range of generic games released for the Dragon 32 , saddled with the name of a ginger , bespectacled , goofy & spotty little kid (Cuthbert in the jungle , goes walkabout etc).

I'm pretty sure ginger is the last minority you can take the rise out of without falling foul of the PC brigade - pasty , freckled , ginger haired freaks the lot of you ;)

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I still think Darth Cuddles is the best character name ever. Someone employ Becca for all their game character names.

[Yorick Brown's Granddad] Ain't nothing worse than ladies in numbers. [/Yorick Brown's Granddad] :huh:

How about Alucard? It's like Dracula spelt... get this... backwards!

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And the enemies in HOTD2 - Pete. A zombie named Pete.

There's zombies called Winne, Pokey, Wang, Bob, Opraand god knows what else in Disgaea. The Prinnies all have silly names too. Disgaea and La Pucelle silly character names are better than most of the stuff here :huh:

How about BrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrAVE FENCER Musashiiiiii-den! that's a funny name.

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