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Yu Gi Oh movie trailer


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I like Yu-Gi-Oh.The cartoon series is an awful lot better than i imagined it would be, The second series was brilliant.It's funny how a show that revolves around a card game could be so exciting.

And the GBA games are ace.

Oh, Yeah, THe film looks decent enough.

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Well, could any Yu Gi Oh fans please explain what the fuck the show's about? Or the card game rules? Or anything?

As far as I can tell it's just a heavily extended sequence of Deus ex machina with people yelling crazy stuff like "But ah... you forgot I had placed my Bag of Lemmings in the defensive position which when combined with my Hotdog Water Demon Horn card increases it's power exponentially thus defeating your Beige Volvo Driven by a Monkey trap card..."


Primer anyone?

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