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Cover tunes.

A sign of a band on its last limbs? A funny addition to a CD? An improvement on an original?

Well, whatever - check out Snuff's cover of Sound of the underground by Girls aloud. I nearly pissed myself when I heard it.

It is terrible. Worth a listen though.

Lets have some reccomendations - they can be hilariously bad or amazingly good.

(No Me first and the Gimme Gimmes please.......)

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I have an album which is a cover of Duran songs - its weird. Funny but weird.

This reminded me of an album I've got which is called GRAVELANDS.

Essentially, it's an Elvis impersonator (a very good one, mind, who calls himself The King) covering songs in the style of Elvis. The kick is, all the songs which are covers were originally by artists who have now assumed ambient temperature.

There are three stand outs. One is a cover of SONG TO THE SIREN, which is wonderful. The next is Joy Division's LOVE WILL TEAR US APART which works amazingly well as an Elvis track.

The other...the other is a cover of COME AS YOU ARE, rearranged and mixed to suit an Elvis style. There are real audio clips on amazon.co.uk (just search for Gravelands) or I'm sure some of you can find it by nefarious means on this intermeweb thing...

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Guest Cecil McBee


Fantomas doing Al Green's 'Simply Beautiful'

Dillinger Escape Plan doing Timberlake's 'Like I Love You'

Ruth Copeland doing the Rolling Stones' 'Play With Fire'

Maceo and All the King's Men doing Sly's 'Thank You For Letting Me Be Mice Elf Agin'

For starters.

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The Fatima Mansions - Everything I do (I do for you)  = pure genius

Yes, but their Shiny Happy People (the chorus climaxing with "go fuck yourself!") is even better. "you look like the type, who likes to suck a big pipe" ... "most of all... fuck your showbusiness!"

Also, their (straight) cover of The Great Valerio is the nads.

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Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Kicking Against the Pricks

A whole album of covers, mostly top draw :D

Yes. I wasn't impressed at first - it seemed like a shambolic mess. Then, all of a sudden, its brilliance hit me in the face, like an 11 kilo space shuttle.

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Anything ever by Gonzales is absolutely fucking awful.

Some dope printed a link to an MP3 "sampling" of some of his songs, and every time I hear somebody go on about how great it is, I want to kill him hard. And I almost stopped liking Daft Punk for letting him do "Too Long", and sticking it on their own remix album.

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