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Has anyone read the BATMAN BEGINS script yet?


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I have a copy but i've only read the first few pages. I may give it anotther go now though... i am looking forward to it, even though the actor who is playing Bats in the film (whose name escapes me) just doesn't have the chin for the job.

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I'm not gonna read it. For once, I don't want to be spoiled.

I have read it...twice.

My Batman comic collection is huge and I treated it like a Batman novel. It's fantastic.

Has the right element of dialogue to action and is more believable that any other Batman to date. Wondeful stuff.

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not sure how mainstream audience's will react to the fact that the suit doesn't appear until page 50, but i fuckin love the way they have treated the subject.

after the last two films i was sure this franchise was dead for atleast the next twenty years.

this will be the best batman film so far (burton's attempts are stylish, but shallow and superficial) and i can't wait....

for anyone that wants to read it, it's here:



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the line from wayne in the final scene just made me go all mushy.

there were scenes while i was reading where i was


very few films make me do that and now im sad that the film will not be as special!

But i feel great for reading it. The ending was great. :)

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only because they named a character after you i bet.

is this storyline covered in any of the comics? i haven't read Batman Year One or any of those, do they mention batmans training in India or anything?

It has part of Year one dotted all over the place, training in the mountain and stuff like that.

When I read the script I was just grinning the whole time.

Vemsie thanks for that link - wooooo Liam Neeson. That shot of Bruce coming out of Wayne Manor is fantastic!

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