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Worse film every made


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What film do you think that is really bad, the worse of the worse

Mine is Starship troopers 2, i couldn't watch for more than five minutes and it made me laugh, its that bad, a thing i have never done with a crap film


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Well we wouldn't be buying you out with a crystal, that's for fucking sure...


Anyway, I'm going to buck the trend by actually answering what I presume was the original question. "Psychomaniacs" a film starring Berly Reid of Mooncat fame. Bikers work out that if you die and *really want to die* then you come back to life immortal. Hilarity ensues. The worst special effects ever, continuity is nowhere to be seen, and some unintentionally side-splitting moment. Horrific.

Starship Trooper 2 was ok. If thats the worst film you've ever seen you need to get more. Or stay in more. Whatever.

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